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Star-Tech & JRS Specialty Products Co.,Ltd.

SSP is a China-Germany Joint-venture of pharmaceutical excipients manufacture company in China. Vice chairman party of Chongqing pharmaceutical industry association.

High-tech enterprise of Chongqing city. We have established an Innovative Technology Research Center for Povidone products with Chongqing University (http://english.cqu.edu.cn), one of the best universities in China, focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing of Povidone products. SSP is delicated to provide high-quality Povidone products and their solutions to our customers all over the world.

Company Profile of JV partner

JRS group is a family business with a history of over 135 years, headquartered located in rosenberg, baden-wurttemberg, Germany.

JRS is a leading pharmaceutical excipients manufacturer and the MCC manufacturer in the world. It has 7 R&D centers, 31 production facilities and 25 sales companies spread all over the world. JRS has built an advanced testing center and a R&D center for PVPs in Germany.